Denier Horse Blanket

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How to Choose & Use Horse Blankets : The Denier of Winter Horse Blankets

Frequently Asked Questions...

I am looking for a 210 Denier Horse Blanket that i can put on my horse to go to shows with.?

I have just got a custom made halter that has a base color of Tan and a overlay color of Teal. I am now, looking for a 210 Diner Horse Sheet that i can put on my horse before Shows. It has to be custom made, because i want the whole Blanket or sheet to be all Tan with a Trim Color of Teal.. If you have any suggestions of sites i can go to, that will be so helpful!!

Best Answer...


Hi. I have a lot of experience with this. I show my gelding in western pleasure, horsemanship and halter events. He has more clothes than I do!! LOL> There are great custom made blankets and sheets at valley vet supply.
The are made by BMB, which is a huge name brand in the show world. They let you pick any sheet combination for colors, so you can easily get your matching colors in that sheet. Another place to get awesome horse clothes is Schneider's saddlery. They don't do the custom color thing, but they a ton of that may match your halter. I have almost every equine catalog you can imagine and really, for custom show items, VAlley Vet is the place to go! Now, for the name and the custom coloring, you are going to have to pay....but if you are showing, it is more than worth it for your baby. You would want to go to these sites and "request a free catalog". That way, you get the full choices, not just what the website offers. Other places to look for show items, or just to browse around:

In all honesty: I would go with Valley Vet. My gelding has over 20 outfits and I have gotten a lot of good things from there. Another idea is ebay. I get a lot of my horse's custom slinkies done from there. There is a lady who has absolutely amazing deals on custom made horse outfits...full body, with hood, sheet and matching tail bag. Her ebay i.d. is missstinkysmom....just go on ebay on the home page, click on the advanced search link near the top of the page, on the next page, it will give you a list of search options, click on search by seller....type in her ebay i.d., pick it from the list of matches and there you go! Her clothing is top of the line and I pay about $15 for a hood, $20 for a sheet and she always gives a free tail bag. I show my gelding in only the best...and her place is great. I hope all of this helps and good luck showing.