Horse Grass Seed

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Frequently Asked Questions...

best horse grass seeds?

hi my name is alfonso I live in oakdale california the weather most of the time is more hot them cold like tropical well I will like to know if somebody can help me with this I will like to buy seeds for grass that way I will save some money in pasture note: the grass seeds the i need i just for my horses to have something else to eat beside the pasture I buy for them so i don't need seed for pasture I really will appreciate the help of anyone thanks.

Best Answer...


Buy a bag of mixed grass seed and grow them for about a year so that they get established then you can let your horses eat it. Make sure to move your horses to another section of grass when one section looks short. This will prevent them from over grazing and the grass can grow back. About 90% of all the grasses in the world are edible for grass eating animals and humans.