Horse Rope

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much do trainers make yearly?

I know it probably varies by what they're training for--but like trainers that just break horses to ride. And trainers that train horses to be cow horses (roping, cutting.etc)
What's their yearly salary?

Best Answer...


Not enough for what work we put into it. I work another full time job and train on the side. I tried doing it full time and the rule applies "if you want to make a small fortune with horses, start with a large fortune" ;-D Depending on where you are, your qualifications, and what you are training the horse to do, can charge between $400- 1200 per month of training per horse and I insist on a 2 month minimum (can't accomplish any quality training in under 2 months). Just think of how many horses you have to consistently have in training, students in lessons, AND pay for mortgage on the farm, horse feed and care, fuel for trucks, etc. No, makes a bad career choice. So sad. I think it is very worthwhile.